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About Us

Krisanda Fitness is a cozy boutique personal training studio in the elegant neighbourhood of West Perth and Subiaco. We are proud to provide not only beautiful and private exercise facility but most importantly world class personal trainers who are highly experienced in working with corporate clientele. All of our personal trainers have an international fitness experience and have had lot of success with clients weight loss, toning, increasing strength and getting their fitness to the best possible shape. Our personal training studio is driven by the aim of offering fully customised, carefully and well planned fitness programs for everyone who is ready to lose weight, tone up, improve strength and take a step for a healthier, fitter life. 

1on1 Personal Training

The Key focus of personal training is to provide exclusive attention to our client’s individual needs, goals and fitness levels. At Krisanda Fitness we believe that it is extremely important to educate you on how to achieve desired results in the most effective ways, and personal training will do just that. We provide our clients with worlds cutting edge fitness, nutrition and weight loss information, that can significantly increase quality of your life forever and give you a perfect platform to achieve even the most ambitious goals.

Group Training

Our High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Bikini Booty Workouts are run in small groups of up to 10 people. Our personal trainers have created 2 signature group exercise classes with only one aim. To burn fat, lose weight, get strong. If you have unsuccessfully tried to lose weight get stronger or fitter either by yourself, or with a help of other personal trainers, or simply do not want to waste any more of your precious time, get in contact and let us show you the way.

100% Money Back Guarantee

At Krisanda Fitness we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality personal training possible every single time. Therefore if you are not completely satisfied with your session, you will not be billed for that session. What is more, you will not be charged for your next session either. At Krisanda Fitness we believe that our services are superb and we will not be satisfied with providing anything less than that.

Client Feedback

The hardest part of the whole process was making the first appointment. Once we did that we’ve never looked back! Anthony and Anna

The sessions are fun and varied, and I have noticed huge benefits Lauren

I was impressed by trainer’s professional approach and dedication. Probably the best personal training I’ve had so far.



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Strong Is The New Sexy

Skinny is out and a strong looking body is the new sexy! Ladies…. having some meat on your bones is a good thing! More and more toned and muscular women are taking over the covers of many popular magazines. Strong and toned women are no longer being seen as masculine... read more

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