What our clients say:

“Having initially only signed up for 6 weeks, four months later we still find ourselves going three times a week. So far together we have lost over 18kgs, but aside from the weight loss we are fitter, stronger and healthier people for it. There are no miracles in terms of weight loss and fitness and it did require commitment and lifestyle changes from us at the beginning. However training with Krisanda Fitness gives you the perfect platform to achieve your targets. The studio is well equipped, with lots of different equipment to make sure the sessions are varied!! The hardest part of the whole process was making the first appointment. Once we did that, we’ve never looked back! Thank you guys!!”

Anthony & Anna*

“The guys at Krisanda Fitness set up an individual training programme for me targeting to increase my core and leg strength as well as improve balance and agility – essential features for ice hockey. The 45-minute sessions consisted of a number of ‘super set’ series, which were intense and very much goal-oriented. It didn’t take long to see the results; after only 3 weeks I felt certainly more conditioned for playing hockey. Most of my sessions were run by Timea. I was impressed by her professional approach and dedication. Probably the best personal training I’ve had so far.”

Vadim Louchnikov*

“Having never done any strength training before, I began training at Krisanda Fitness a few months ago. I have worked with Grady, and more recently with Ana. They are both focused, committed and incredibly good at what they do! I have been introduced to the amazing benefits of squats also focus on core and upper body strength each session using a combination of weights, resistance and the exercise ball. We set goals, which keeps me motivated. The sessions are fun and varied, and I have noticed huge benefits including increased agility, greater stability and quicker recovery from other activities, as well as a more positive mindset.”

Lauren Shave*

“Thanks once again for all the training you put me through. I feel a lot more energetic now. The results do show in how much stronger I got in the gym and how much better shape I am on the basketball court too. You got me into the best shape I’ve ever been and it has happened much quicker than I expected. I really appreciate that. It was also fun from a social point of view joking around and having a few laughs in between sets haha. I will really miss that!”

Roy Fischer*

“Just thought that I’d drop you a quick line to let you know some progress… About once a year, Dave and I test our 1 rep max and last night, out of the blue we decided to. Last year I benched 90kg pretty easily, and then hurt my back trying for 100kg. (pinched a disc – ouch!) Anyway, this year we’ve been stripping down for summer, circuit training and a bit of cardio – not the best preparation – but I smashed 90kg, so tried 95 and did it easily, so tried a 100kg – smashed it! So tried 105kg and got that too! I had a crack at 110kg and got it up there, but Dave said that he helped – I was so mad! Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks. I had started on a potbelly when we met, and now I’ve got (kinda) a sixpack and weigh – 15kg than when I started.”

Ben Pride*

“The trainers at Krisanda Fitness are supportive and engaging by coaching me to be responsible for my own well-being, fitness and put the onus back on me. My training has been both motivational and encouraging. I have lost 6kg in 8 weeks, training one on one with PT (Grady). I was pushed far beyond my expectations of what I could do and what I was willing to do. Now I am well on my way to accomplishing my goals.”

Selwyn Taylor*

“I joined the gym in October 2011. At that time I could barely run 100 metres without stopping. Last night (March 13th 2012) I jogged 6.57kms! I’m doing the HBF run for a reason (14kms) in May, and thanks to Fero (the best PT ever!!) I will do it!”

Ti-ann Peachey*

“Thank you for helping me to reduce 4 kg’s in 6 only sessions. I was not very active person, but thought of giving it a try at Krisanda Fitness. I got an excellent trainer, who designed each session according to my body type. Even though I was only able to go in once in a week , she helped me to reduce 4 kg’s which is unbelievable for me. Unfortunately I have to be away from Perth for a while for my studies ,but I am sure Krisanda Fitness is the only one place I want to train when I come back again to WA. My earlier experience at a famous gym was a complete waste of money where my personal trainer did not explain the excersices and just wanted me to do a few sets and say good bye for the day. When I met my trainer Timea at Krisanda Fitness,she really explained me the way I have to exercise, where the fat loss is going to happen etc. She made me very comfortable, worked with me without any prejudice and gave me full support. I will definitely be coming back and continue as a permanent client after my return to WA. Thank you guys”

Elizabeth Kurian*

“If you are reading this, it is likely that you are looking for a change in exercise routine – like I was. I have been a client of Robin Hill’s for the last 6 months – and cannot speak more highly of Robin as my Personal Trainer. She has taught me to have confidence in myself and to trust my capabilities whilst pushing me that extra bit further.  She makes exercise fun, exciting and full of variety – what I really get a kick out of is that each session is tailored specifically for me and that she allows enough flexibility based on my day-by-day needs.Robin makes me laugh during every session – even after a bad day, I always leave these sessions with a smile on my face!

Erin Reilly*

My fitness has always struggled and I didnt know where I was going wrong. Since my husband recomended going to Krisanda Fitness and seeing a personal trainer named Timi. It has been the one of the greatest thing my husband has suggested. Timi has helped me to improve my fitness techniques and taught me how to challange myself. Try Krisanda Fitness for yourself.

Emma Louise Sims*

“I have started training at Krisanda Fitness in March 2014. In about six weeks my level of fitness has improved significantly. The training is demanding, aimed at my weaknesses, however the trainer takes into account my limits so I am always able to carry the exercises until the end. I am happy with the training I get at Krisanda Fitness and I will continue to train there regularly.”

Valentin Bura*

After 18 months of doing no exercise, I decided to take action! I arranged three sessions per week for the past two months with Krisanda Fitness and its had such a positive impact on my life. I feel so much stronger and have more energy. The team there are such a pleasure to work with and really tailor the work out to push you to achieve your goals.

Jemma Green*

“I started going training with Timi a few months ago and although I was a bit hesitant about going to a gym at all I am so glad I did. The gym is private and very friendly. My trainer Timi is fantastic, she really knows her stuff and her workouts are great. Thanks to her help I’m reaching my goals and have found my fitness motivation again. Definitely give these guys a go!”

Cate McKnight*

“Past experience with PT training was intimidating and overwhelming at times. Since joining Krisanda 4 weeks ago with my workmates for 2 PT sessions per week , our 45min sessions have been nothing but fun, challenging with alot of encouragement from our trainer Yoan. No PT session is ever the same and my fitness has increased dramatically and seeing fantastic results in such a short time. Yoan is a brilliant trainer. Don’t be intimidated by the small studio……… Big workouts come out of that place! Highly recommended”

Jaime Marsh*

“Myself and my two colleagues signed up a little over a month ago for two sessions per week. We are already seeing the results and enjoy the unknown of what our trainer Yoan has in store for us each session. We finish each session in a lot of pain, so we know they are doing the job right. If you don’t like gyms but want a gym work out, they are worth looking into.”

Steve Sullivan*

“So 4 weeks down of training with Yoan and I’m seeing results. This is my first time doing PT and i thought i was going hate every second, but Yoan pushes us and I am loving it. Yoan and the facilities at Krisanda are awesome! I look forward to my training sessions each week with my teammates and pushing each other along. Krisanda Fitness are a great team and i recommend to anyone looking to get fit and healthy.”

Drew Meredith*

“So glad that I found Krisanda Fitness! The Wild Card Weekend workouts actually make me excited to get up early on Saturdays. Every week is different, so it’s a great workout every time! I always leave feeling amazing and energized. It’s honestly one of the best places I’ve ever been for a workout!”

Lauren Fyke*

“I think you guys are just great. I’ve been doing training with Timea just over a month now and have lost close to 7kg. Still a long way to go but my fitness is showing a dramatic increase. Before then going back 9 months or so I did fitness training at Krisanda with the company I worked for. At that time too, personally for a big guy, my aerobic conditioning for someone with poor coordination improved. I would highly recommend all the team out there, they do a great job and care tailoring your program to your personal level of fitness rather than some 20 year old athlete at some places who works at a higher level but does not bring that individuality. Well done guys, keep up the good work.”

Jon Roberts*

“After recently having a baby and 2 years with no real exercise, my fitness was at an all time low and my weight was at an all time high. I wasn’t achieving anything on my own and needed some motivation so I set myself a tough weight loss goal and decided 14 weeks with a personal trainer was what I needed to help achieve my goal. With a busy work schedule and a baby, it was fantastic that my Krisanda Fitness personal trainers were able to come to my home and at a time that best suited me. Fero and the team of trainers are all very friendly and welcoming and truly cared about my progress. After 14 weeks, with the help of my trainers Ana and Clinton I was able to loose 6kgs and fit into my pre pregnancy clothes again! I am also much fitter and stronger and have a much better understanding of the impact of diet which has helped me maintain the weight. I surprised myself that I can now do “real” pushups for the first time in my life! I’m now keen to keep Krisanda Fitness as part of my lifestyle!”

Caroline Healy*

“Fero is an awesome trainer. Genuine, very knowledgeable, motivating and not intimidating – whilst still making you work your butt off! The space is a great environment to get into shape and after a few weeks I can already notice the difference.

I’ve never been a big fan of the gym but I now have an appreciation of the benefits thanks to Krisanda fitness. Workouts are personalized to my goals and kept fresh.

Highly recommended +++”

Konar Hari*

“The team from Vorian Agency gained fantastic benefits from the connection and experience of group fitness training by Fero and Krisanda Fitness. It is a very well located gym, convenient to businesses in Perth CBD, and the staff are friendly and helpful. Their regular fitness tips newsletter is a great idea.”

Matt Lynch*

*Disclaimer: Achieved results stated in testimonials are specific to the each individual and can not be guaranteed as they may vary from person to person.

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